In Press

Upcoming publications to be issued by the Pennywheel Press


A catalog of the Davistown Museum’s permanent exhibition, Art of the Edge Tool

It will include photographs of a representative selection of the museum's edge tool collection.

First Nation Artifacts at the Davistown Museum: A Catalog

A catalog of the Native American artifacts in the Davistown Museum’s collection, including the recently acquired red paint artifact collection from Sandy Point in Stockton Springs, Maine.

A Tool Dictionary for Kids

A supplemental guide for the Davistown Museum’s Tools Teach – School Loan Program intended to illustrate the functions of basic tools, e.g. for woodworking, hewing, shaping, etc. for middle and home school students interested in learning about tools or trades.

The Art and Artists at the Davistown Museum

Our first published softcover catalog listing the art and artists on display at the Davistown Museum; our annual exhibition catalog has previously been issued several times using a spiral binding.