About Us

The Pennywheel Press is a component of the Davistown Museum and publishes all of the museum texts. The Pennywheel Press office is in Hulls Cove, Maine. Book orders and requests for additional information may also be sent to the Davistown Museum in Liberty, Maine.

The Davistown Museum is a regional history, tool, and art museum in the hill country of central coastal Maine. A primary mission of the museum is to recover, restore, preserve, catalog, display, and interpret the hand tools of New England’s early American industries and maritime culture. The Davistown Museum combines the Hand Tools in History publication series, its exhibition of hand tools, and bibliographic, library, and website resources to construct an historical overview of steel- and toolmaking strategies and techniques used by the edge toolmakers of New England’s wooden age. Included in this overview are the roots of these strategies and techniques in the early Iron Age, their relationship with modern steelmaking technologies, and their culmination in the florescence of American hand tool manufacturing in the latter half of the 19th century.

The Davistown Museum is pleased to announce the final publication in its Hand Tools in History series, Tools Teach: An Iconography of American Hand Tools. The series narrates the story of steel- and toolmaking in America from the colonial period to the modern era.