Biocatastrophe: The Legacy of Human Ecology

Ephraim Tinkham
1st edition, 2010

Volume three of a three volume commentary on the downside of what has been done with tools and technology. Particular emphasis on the industrial history of biocatastrophe, chemical fallout, world water crisis, cataclysmic climate change, body burdens of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC), antibiotic resistant infections, the political chaos of the age of increasing social needs and declining public resources, and the parasitic impact of the klepto-elite and their shadow banking network. Includes biocatastrophe lexicon, extensive CDC, EPA, FDA, ORNL, and EWG data, definitions, links, bibliographies.

Softcover, 8" x 10"
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Biocatastrophe explores the impact of complex western market economies on the biodiversity and productivity of natural ecosystems, with emphasis on the evolution of industrial society and the resulting contamination of the atmospheric water cycle with anthropogenic ecotoxins. Topics include the biohistory of human civilization, cataclysmic climate change, chemical fallout, the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the proliferation of pharmaceutical wastes, and the development of genetically modified organisms. Also discussed are the social, political, economic, and public safety components of biocatastrophe, including the spectacular increase in national and world debt in the Reaganomics era (1981-2008) and the role of the shadow banking network in the ongoing collapse of global consumer society. The text includes essays, definitions, a lexicon of terminology, links to information sources, appendices, and a detailed bibliography.