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Hulls Cove Office and "tool farm"
The Pennywheel Press (established 1981) publishes all Davistown Museum texts, including the Hand Tools in History publication series. Sponsored by the museum’s Center for the Study of Early Tools, the publication series plays a vital role in achieving the museum mission by documenting and interpreting the history, science, and art of toolmaking. The Pennywheel Press has titles available on amazon.com, by mail order from the Davistown Museum, from Astragal Press, and at selected museum bookstores. A synopsis of each publication is found on the individual book page. The Pennywheel Press has also issued numerous
texts no longer in print, including a variety of publications on anthropogenic radioactivity. These titles are listed in the out of print books section.

The publications of the Pennywheel Press are the result of over two decades of research into the Native American, maritime, and industrial history of New England. The environmental history publication series dates back to as early as 1970. For more information on our publications, use the "Books" tab or "Book Index".


We welcome your reviews and comments on our publications.

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Coming Soon in the Phenomenology of Biocatstrophe series: Volume 6, The World Water Crisis